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Please wear a non-woven mask at our clinic

‘Non-woven masks’ have been proved to be more effective than cloth masks and urethane masks.
To prevent infection in our clinic, we are asking our visitors to wear ‘non-woven masks.’
Please refrain from visiting our clinic wearing a urethane mask, a cloth mask, a face shield, or only a mouth shield.
※Face shields and mouth shields are not effective for preventing tiny droplets like aerosols.
Face shields are worn by medical professionals, but they are not substitutes for masks; they are for preventing droplets from flying into their eyes. Face shields and mouth shields are not effective for preventing tiny droplets like aerosols.

Welcome to the Sendagaya International Clinic homepage.

One of the most difficult situations foreign residents and visitors face is seeking treatment for illnesses or accidents that occur during their stay in Japan. Language, culture, long waiting lines, the long lead time for appointments, coupled with a hectic working day, all play a part in adding further worry and stress to the patient. Sendagaya International Clinic is the first establishment in Japan to offer a Complete Personal Care (CPC) service to overseas travelers residing in or visiting Japan. From friendly consultation for minor ailments or travel vaccinations, to individual arrangements for special medical intervention or surgery at selected hospitals in Tokyo, the clinic's highly trained staff of English speakers are here to help you deal with the stress of falling ill and obtaining the best possible treatment in a foreign country. The clinic also provides an evening service where those with heavy work schedules that could not consult a practitioner during the day, or make an appointment, can come in the evening to seek professional assistance. The clinic operates a system of services and support networks that better suits a foreign patient's needs and eliminates any uncertainty and worry. Under its Complete Personal Care (CPC) service the clinic is ideally placed to assist you to meet your medical needs. The clinics staff will walk you through all the necessary steps and paperwork required to ensure that you receive only the best possible care and attention in a language that you can understand. They will organize for fast testing services such as MRI, CT Scans and biochemistry tests. In consultation, the doctor will recommend the best trained specialists to treat your ailments and make all the required appointments for you, thereby eliminating the stress of having to wait to see specialists and the endless queues that are inherent in seeking intervention in the Japanese medical system. Should you need medical attention during your stay at the major hotels in Tokyo, the clinic also offers a visitation service. If you require specific medication that is not available to you in Japan, the clinic can source your medication through its support network of pharmacies. Call us today and make an appointment to experience the Complete Personal Care (CPC) service that only the Sendagaya International Clinic can offer.
To all the staffs of embassies in Japan.
Sendagaya International Clinic is a tax-free clinic.
Feel free to take our experienced health examinations and vaccinations.


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